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Little list of my applications

Some of them old, but I still use them.

I split list for two categories: for everyone and for programming.

Applications for everyone

This set of applications will be useful for all OS X's users.

Path Finder

Totally amazing tool for file management. You might forget about your regular Finder and it would be right!

It has a great navigation, customizable toolbar and great menu. If you come from Windows and looking for Total Commander replacement, Path Finder is definitely for you.


If struggle with iTunes and looking for something nice like old-school WinAmp, Vox would be a great choice. It has a stunning design and easy to use.


If you are looking for iTunes replacement for music, Spotify can be a deal breaker. Even after start of Apple Music it is still more powerful and bright.


If you want keep your files in sync, so it is very simple and one of the most popular players on the market. If you are not looking for online storage, you could be interested in BittorentSync.

Mplayer & VLC

Just two more media players with bunch of codecs inside. Leave your QuickTime Player far away behind.


Makes my life easier everyday. I think, RealZoom is one of the most useful features in that utility.

Mozilla Firefox

Browser is your personal choice, but I recommend Firefox. I started using it since 1.x version and was wondered how good is this browser.


Free tool for drawing awesome diagrams.


Super minimalistic DJVU file viewer. Extremely fast.


This is just amazing tool for modern communication on the work. A little bit expensive, but you can use it for free with small limitations.


Yes, it is antivirus for OS X. Small, fast, free.


It is cross platform Facetime replacement made by Microsoft. Has terrible usability on mobile platforms (iOS), but good on OS X.


It is tool for photo-processing and drawing. If you want to have something more, than builtin tools and don't want to spend money for Photoshop, Gimp can serve you. It doesn't look nice, but works great in common.

Applications for programmers and other experienced guys.

  1. PHPStorm / WebStorm / RubyMine / PyCharm
  2. Sublime Text
  3. HexFiend
  4. iGetter
  5. Robomongo
  6. Sequel Pro
  7. MacPorts
  8. Teamviewer
  9. SourceTree
  10. ScreenFlow
  11. Sketch
  12. Poedit
  13. MindNode
  14. BetterTouchTool
  15. Secrets

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