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It is always not easy to start from scratch, so we prepared a little guide, how to start with our project.
You have to make 4 steps to get you book published.

  1. Create a draft
  2. Write a text
  3. Pick a cover
  4. Publish

Review them in details.

Step 1. Create a draft

It is simple step. Click on your name at the top right corner on the site.


You will see your account page. Now click Drafts and then New Draft. You will see a Create book form. You have to fill Title, Annotation and Genre fields. Don't worry, you can change those fields later. Click Create a Book.


You will be taken to our book editor.

Step 2. Write a text

We have very simple, plain and distraction free editor. Also it is automatically saves your draft. But we have to ask you not to open this editor simultaneously on several devices. It can ruin your work. There is exit button at top right corner. Just click it. Or close your browser tab or window.

If you want to add image to your text, you can simply drag it from your computer and drop it onto place, where you wish to place.


Once you done, you can click Exit button and you will be taken to Cover Designer.

Step 3. Pick a cover

Cover Designer works really simple, it allows you to pick a picture from the library and use it for cover background. Also, we introduce cover uploading soon.


Step 4. Publish

When you are happy with the cover, you can click Publish and you are all set. Your book will be moved into a queue for publishing. As soon as our server will finish processing, the book will become available for readers.

If you are not happy with this newly created book, you can go to your account page, click Publications, and click a red button with a crossed eye after name of recently published book and your book will be moved to Drafts.

When you are in Drafts, you can go back to first step, when you created the book. But this information will be updated. Just click this tiny down arrow after Edit button:


Also, if you want to change Author name, fill his page with information, upload a photo, you can change it in Settings.

Start a new draft right now!


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