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Powerful cloud editor with autosaving and voice recognition

Cover designer

Automatic export into iBooks & Kindle formats

Storing, promotion, reviews & detailed stats

We provide authors handy online editor with auto-save.

Editor supports an easy insertion of images by simply dragging and dropping. Image size automatically adapts to the size of the page.

The editor has a built-in text typography and clean of debris so you can paste text from a Word Processor.

The editor is built on the distraction free principle - to work without being distracted, so its interface has only necessary functions.

The Chrome browser, we support an experimental feature writing from dictation. Moreover, the editor supports multiple languages ​​for dictation - English and Russian.

amazing editor
Дизайнер обложек

No more headache choosing the cover!

We will automatically create a cover for the book. Just select a picture and you all set. Additionally, you can customize the color and location of the title and author.

If you already have a cover, you can upload it via the designer.

What does it mean?

Automatically check text for compliance with the rules of publication. You no longer need to wait for moderator response.

Preparation of a number of books formats without additional effort in the shortest possible time is measured in minutes.

Promotion in the social networks, the push notifications network and email campaign for subscribers without delay.


The most perfect format, supported by many modern programs. The de facto standard for Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone and the OSX-compatible computers. Also, the standard developed by the International Forum on digital publishing.

Free reading software: iBooks, CoolReader, FBReader, Mobipocket, Okular.

E-readers: iPad, Kindle, Nook, Android-based device and more.


PDF — a cross-platform electronic document format developed by Adobe Systems.

The format is available via the Adobe Reader on Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone devices.


Full name is Mobipocket — the main format on Amazon Kindle platform. Formatting fully depends from e-reading device.

MOBI is available with support of Kindle software on Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone devices.


The most simple and accessible format. It is a plain text.

The format is available in almost every device.

Tip: You can create ebook here and upload it into Amazon.

We publish books for free.

The solution is ideal for beginners, newbie & indie writers: you can create an e-book on your own and it does not require any particular computer knowledge, layout and publishing nuances. Self-publishing is a key to your success.

Just a few clicks and your book is available to billions of users in the Internet.

368 authors already published 622 books.